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Chapter Officers

Erin Bliss Thompson

Vice Chairman:  
Erika Winter

 Betty Church

Amy Bogardus

Sue Glisson


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The Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter is a chartered chapter of The Ninety-Nines, Inc., an International Organization of Women Pilots.

Our chapter was organized and is governed by elected officers who are chapter and Ninety-Nines Inc. members. Our members are women student pilots, licensed pilots and aviation enthusiasts who live and fly in the state of Kentucky area. Everyone of us has a deep love for flying.

Benefits for Members: The major goals of our chapter is to support and encourage all women aviation enthusiasts on a personal level, to promote aviation education, to support general aviation, to learn from each other, and to have fun flying.

Want more flying: Feel like flying, but trying to figure out where to go? Meet other pilots like yourself, looking for more chances for flying outings. Shared experience: “Hangar Flying” gives us an opportunity to share frustrations and to relive victories, like a hard-won private pilot “ticket”. Our chapter is broad in flying experience – from student pilots to active certified flight instructors – and welcomes new members of all aviation backgrounds.

Aviation education: Our chapter is actively interested in education both for ourselves and our community, especially young people. Members go into schools on career days, and lead career-orientation sessions for school-aged girls in local educational events. We also learn a lot from each other.

Financial support: As a member of The Ninety-Nines Inc., International, you become eligible to apply for a number of aviation scholarships, grants and awards which benefit women student and licensed pilots in pursuit of new skills and training.

Support for the local aviation community: Our members are involved in local aviation activities. You will find members networking with other pilots through their memberships in other pilot groups, such as Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and Women in Corporate Aviation. Our work in the community helps build a positive image of aviation and focuses on improving the quality of the aviation community now and in the future.

Friendship: Most important, our shared experiences and love of flying form the foundation for lasting friendships. We support and encourage women who want to turn their interest in flying into a real experience as a pilot.

June 28, 2013