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Cathe Fish --

Bio --
Catherine (Cathe) Fish has taught more Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinics and Flying Companions Courses than anyone alive. Flying since 1973, she is a CFII, MEI with 6,000 hours; flying for a commuter airline, flying as a USDA contract pilot and teaching 300 students. An Av Tech Instructor at Cochise College for five years and an AOPA Air Safety Foundation lead instructor since 1983, she is known for her upbeat, fun, information-packed motivating seminars. Her unusual and hilarious aviation stories are sure to make you laugh with Flying Fish's Wild, Wacky & Outrageous Pilot Whoppers.


Seminar Presenter Description-
Airline Life - Personal Anecdotes

Captain Karen Kahn 99 member Karen Kahn, retired 2014, will regale us with some of her personal stories and lessons learned. With 36+ years experience, she'll have plenty. Captain Kahn's experience, intelligence, wit, and international impact have been providing an inspiring voice to audiences for decades. As a feminist role model, she demonstrates that honesty, integrity, humility and transparency matter not only in an airline career, but also in any career and, most important, in life. Author of the book, “Flight Guide for Success” which provides not only Tips and Tactics for the Aspiring Airline Pilot but shows you how to Soar Through Life with Kahnfidence! Date: Saturday, Time: 2:00-3:15
Professional Pilot Panel

Captain Karen Kahn Karen Kahn will moderate a panel of successful women pilots sharing their personal stories with an emphasis on what worked for their career progression and challenges as a woman in the industry, including life balance. In addition to a career as an airline pilot, Karen has a thriving business as pilot career counselor, author and speaker. In the recent past she has hosted a webinar for our 99s Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative. She's been a life long supporter of women in aviation and the 99s. Visit her website here. http://www.captainkarenkahn.com Date: Saturday, Time 3:30-4:30
Flying The San Francisco Bay

Liz Sommers Join us in hearing from Liz Sommers on how to get those breathtaking views of San Francisco. The Pacific Ocean with its dramatic coast line, beautiful hills, and many famous landmarks give us a unique opportunity as pilots to see the birds eye view. But even with years of experience, our complex airspace can frustrate and confuse. With Liz's help, you can negotiate and master the language ATC is looking for to ensure a safe and smooth flight. Her method will equip you to fly from any destination around our landmarks by following expected patterns and altitudes. Maps are not enough to give you the tried and true method of enjoying our lovely area. And several instructors will insist that there is only one way to fly a bay tour. Liz covers the rules, so you are free to enjoy the ride!
The Real Rosie's

The Real Rosie's Join us in welcoming several WWII Home Front Workers as they share their tales of working in the shipyards of Richmond, California, location of our local Rosie the Riveter National Park. These women, in their humble surroundings, showed the world that our country is stronger when everyone pitches in. Their message "Yes We Can" is an iconic symbol of the inclusion of women in the war effort, and subsequently a symbol of strength and confidence for women all over the globe. Help us celebrate their history and hear their stories.
MEDIC First Aid Certification

Neal Schabaschob with Life Support Services MEDIC First Aid is a leading provider of corporate CPR, AED, and first aid training programs. www.hsi.com/medicfirstaid You will learn emergency situation assessment, personal safety, the latest CPR techniques, ACD, (defibrillator) training, and first aid for choking, heart attack, stroke, shock as well as the 911 hand off format. All training materials are provided and practice aids. Neal is an American Heart Association Certified Instructor and will be presenting certificates to those who complete the course. Only 20 spots are available. Cost is free. Contact Maggie Cook 510-504-3706 to reserve your spot.
Women in Air Racing

Marilyn Dash Marilyn Dash is the Pilot,Owner,Racer for Ruby Red Racing. You will find Dash swooping around in her Pitts Special - a bright red 200-horse-power single-seat biplane named Ruby. Join her as she discusses women in Air Racing as well as sharing her own story of being a Pylon Racer since 2004. In 2007, Marilyn was asked to take on another role, this time as columnist and editor for In Flight-USA magazine. She has since built a great following with her column, The Pylon Place. We are pleased to have this 99 with us.
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