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Spring  2019  Southwest   Section Meeting
Sacramento,  CA

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Registration is a four-part process. Exiting the process before you have completed the entire set of forms will result in incomplete registration and confusion. Please take a moment to review these instructions. At the end of the page, you will be directed to the first form of the registration process.

1. Complete Page 1 (Personal Information) of the registration form. Select CONTINUE to go on to the next page. The information that you have entered is saved to the registration database.

2. Complete Page 2 (Transportation Options and plans). The responses here may be best guess, because plans may change. The page must be completed. Select CONTINUE to go to the next page.

3. Complete Page 3 (Registration cost, event choices, food choices for banquet and other events, Check number if paying by check). This page is essential for your registration and for our planning. Select SUBMIT to complete this portion of the registration process.

4. The confirmation page restates your choices on the previous pages. Print this page for your records. If you are paying by check, you may exit now.

5. If you are paying by credit card, select that option on this page. The secure credit card form will appear. Please complete your payment information. NOTE - this information is handled by a secure 3rd party, to ensure that your credit card information is not stored on our server. It is an encrypted process for your safety.

6. You may receive an email or phone call to update your information or to clarify your choices.

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